Best Wooden Salad Bowls in 2022

Wooden Salad Bowl Reviews

You will agree with me that presentation matters a lot when plating your salad and that is why investing in the right set of bowls wouldn’t be a bad idea in the real sense of it. The appeal of the wooden bowl to salad presentation is quite incomparable to other types of salad bowls. It has a natural appeal that is authentic, naturally unique and unapologetically stylish.

Wooden bowls will give you lifetime durability if you take time to take care of it and because there are many wooden salad bowls out there, that is why we have gone through the trouble to bring to you our top best wooden bowls.

Product Title Rating Price
Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl Check on Amazon
Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl Check on Amazon
Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl Check on Amazon
Lipper international Acacia 7pc Wavy Serving Bowl Set Check on Amazon
Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl Check on Amazon

Best Wood Salad Bowl Set Buying Guide

Wooden salad bowls will only last if you know how to care for them. You can only know how to care for them if you are aware of the type of material which they are made from. Essentially, the idea behind using wooden salad bowls, aside from its uniqueness and effortless class, is to embrace an eco-friendlier way in serving and presenting food.

What this means is that you have to be particular about the type of wood your plate is made from. Acacia wood and maple wood seem to be the best wood from which durable wooden salad bowl can be carved from. Although Acacia is quite expensive, you cannot compare its durability to any other wood.

Buying salad bowls crafted from cherry, walnut, oak woods are also nice options when trying to settle for a good wooden salad bowl options. They are very inexpensive, durable and you definitely would like the finish. They don’t need any additional color or too much coat as they are naturally beautiful.

Bamboos are another material you can choose. Although, they are not really in the category of all other types of wood listed above they beautiful when perfectly finished and are very affordable, eco-friendly and they have anti-microbial properties that make bowls made from the top options.

Since it is a salad bowl, you should be looking at buying a wooden bowl that isn’t so shallow or too deep. Your wooden salad bowl should be an averagely shallow wooden bowl that will make you achieve almost all desired salad presentation. A good bowl should not be more than five to six inches deep.

Top Five Best Rated Wooden Salad Bowls Review

1. Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl

Our top choice is the Lipper wooden salad bowl carefully crafted and luxuriously finished using the premium acacia wood. This explains the extreme class that comes with this product. We are not ultimately surprised because Lipper International has been a brand that has been particular about premium quality.

This acacia wooden bowl is ideal not only for salad but for a wide range of other things. You can incorporate it into your décor theme, you can use it to hold fruits on your kitchen or dining table amongst other things.

However, you need to understand that this product requires a level of care as expected of all wooden bowls. What this means is that you can only wash this product with a mild liquid wash. You cannot scrub so hard or subject it to the dishwasher. All of these are necessary to make sure that your Lipper Wooden salad bowl stays the same all year round.

You also cannot refrigerate with this bowl and neither can you use a microwave with it. while washing, do not also soak in water for too long. All of these will make your fancy acacia wooden bowl to stay undamaged, durable and elegant as designed.

• Crafted from exotic acacia wood
• Exquisitely shaped

• Not so wide for diverse presentation

2. Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl

We love this beautiful acacia wooden salad bowl from Dansk. So much effort certainly went into manufacturing that elegant oval bowl that is just right in all angles. Talking about the size, the Dansk Wooden salad bowl is sixteen inches wide with a traditional finish that exhumes a tasteful style.

You cannot help but like the greatly scented wood finish that leaves your meal with a touch of irresistible class each time you use it. At about 4.8 pounds, it is quite heavy and this heaviness attests to the sturdy durability which the bowl possesses.

Judging from its sturdy appearance and naturally unique finish, it is no doubt that you might not deal with any issue of splitting or cracking bowl due to washing related activities anytime soon. You will use this particular bowl to serve salad and many other things for many years to come.

Although it is quite expensive in the long run, this bowl is worth every cent. However, always remember to bet dry this bowl after every wash. You may rub in some natural mineral oil to make this bowl retain its natural sheen and glow.

• Heavy-duty and large
• Sturdy

• Expensive

3. Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl

We all know the Lipper brand to be a brand that doesn’t joke with details and that is why we weren’t surprised to see the wonder of their cherry finished wooden salad bowl. The salad bowl comes with detailedly cut wooden salad hands that are ideal for dishing and tossing your favorite salad combinations.

This is a unique feature as you would have to buy these hands separately as far as some other brands are concerned.

This exquisitely designed cherry wooden bowl is moderately cut as five inches of depth which is available for your salad presentation. It has a unique rich deep brown cherry color that glows naturally and comes with a natural aromatic smell. At an average fourteen inches in diameter, you sure wouldn’t be making a wrong decision by buying this bowl.

We love that this cherry wooden bowl is decently priced and no one has to break the bank to purchase. However, just like most of the other wooden plates, you have to make sure that you wash mildly without the use of dishwasher to make the product retain its natural color for a long time.

• Very affordable
• Comes with freebies

• Quite fragile

4. Lipper international Acacia 7pc Wavy Serving Bowl Set

If you are tired of just a single piece wooden salad bowl then this Lipper set is exactly for you. The Lipper brand just has a way of uniquely satisfying wooden bowl lovers with their topnotch products.

This Acacia wooden bowl isn’t just a one-piece bowl; it comes in a set of five similarly carved bowls with two matching wooden cutleries to accompany it. This presents you with a wide range of options on how to dish or present your salad. What this also means is that you can have your salad dressed in a bigger bowl while you use the four smaller bowls for smaller portions.

The bigger bowl is fourteen and a half inches wide and seven inches deep while the smaller bowls are about six inches wide and four inches deep. When it comes to sturdiness, this acacia wooden bowl is sturdy as it has a net weight of about five pounds. Since it is acacia, you can be certain of limited lifetime durability if you take time to clean and maintain the product.

• Very affordable
• Comes in a set

• The coat isn’t so rich as expected

5. Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

Our last choice in this category of top five wooden salad bowl is this wavy shaped wooden bowl carved from cherry wood. The craftsmanship is unique and the expertise involved shows a lot of effort has gone into ensuring that it comes out naturally elegant.

Aside from salad plating, this exotic cherry wooden bowl can be part of your interior as you can make it sit pretty on your shelves or use it as a centerpiece for your tables. You can also hold the fruit with it, making it a highly functional and multi-purpose wooden bowl.

It is a hand-wash only type of bowl that is thirteen inches wide, leaving you with enough room and depth for you to utilize. In terms of weight, this is probably the lightest but highly durable bowl you would find in the market. At about 1.78 pounds, you can be rest assured of an internally sturdy core that allows it to be multi-functional without reducing its durability.

Do not forget to maintain with natural mineral oil and dry thoroughly after each wash to make sure that the bowl stays the same in terms of color and other physical appearance.

• Lightweight
• Multi-functional

• More even stain could be achieved on the bowl

Things to Consider When Buying a Wooden Salad Bowl sets

It’s been an exciting journey through the world of wooden plates, right? Well, this journey won’t be complete unless I walk you through the tips of things you must watch out for when you are buying your wooden salad bowls. I will break these tips into three very broad tips and they include:

1. Weight

Unlike ceramic, you cannot afford your wooden plate not to be a bit heavy because weight is one of the general ways of making sure your wooden bowl can at least withstand enough pressure to ensure that it doesn’t break easily. On a rough estimate, the general weight of your bowl must not be less than 1.5 pounds but a right bowl could weigh even up to five pounds.

2. Wood type.

The type of wood that your bowl is carved from matters a lot. Not all types of wood are multifunctional. A keener look into our top five choices will reveal that we have carefully selected acacia and cherry wooden bowls only. This is because they are the best woods that can be used in carving a good wooden bowl. Although they could be very expensive the prices are often worth it in the long run.

3. Finish

The finish or amount of stain your wooden bowl is coated with matters a lot. The more your wooden bowl is richly stained or coated, the more it is likely to retain its physical appearance and become more durable. Your wooden bowl finish or coating must be even and be of a color that may be incorporated into many things.

A quick look at our list of top five would show that we have favored dark rich brown color. This is because you can easily maintain this with natural mineral oil and you can play around the color for your interior.

How to Use a Wooden Salad Bowl?

If you want your wooden to be durable, you need to understand that you cannot use it the way you will use every other bowl around your house. To save you the trouble of going through so many words, I will summarize the ways of using your salad bowls in three tips.

1. Always Hand-wash

Remember you are not dealing with plastic or ceramic. Always wash your wooden bowl with your hands and when doing so, try not to be too hard on the bowl. Being hard on the bowl may remove wood stain from your bowl and fade out the color of your bowl.

2. Natural Mineral Oil is essential

Anything natural requires a natural maintenance mechanism. As far as a wooden bowl is concerned and to maintain the color and make sure that the core strength of your bowl is maintained, always rub in a natural mineral oil once in a while. This will keep your finish intact and undamaged as well as help your bowl retain an authentic and natural aroma that would kick out all other trapped food smells.

Always apply your mineral oil after washing the bowl and drying thoroughly. Do not apply oil when your bowl is still wet as this will not help you achieve a favorable result.

3. Size Matters

Although, they are called salad bowls the best salad bowls are often the bowls that are extremely multifunctional in use. You want to dish and present your salad in them, you want to store fruits in them and perhaps you want to use to hold items on your table or shelves, all of this is important if your wooden salad bowl comes in the right sizes

Your bowl cannot be too small. That is why our top five options are never less than five inches in depth and ten inches in width. This means you have enough room to do almost all that you want to do.

How to Clean a Wooden Salad Bowls After Using/Step by Step Guide?

The best way not to regret ever buying a wooden salad bowl is to get it right by proper cleaning. You cannot clean a wooden bowl the same way you clean other types of bowls. When you soak glasses, steel or ceramic in water for too long, nothing happens. However, when you pick a piece of wood and bury it for too long, you will discover some parts of it becomes soft and swollen.

Even if you dry it properly, you may start to lose the bowl’s color and the worst-case scenario may be the bowl cracking.
The good news is that we have a detailed step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your wooden salad bowls which we shall now start discussing below.

1. Wipe first then soft wash

So many people don’t wipe their plates partially clean first not to talk of wooden bowls. You do not want your wooden bowl in water for too long so the best way to ensure this is by wiping your bowl partially clean from all greasy or food substance remaining before washing it as briefly as possible with a mild liquid wash.

2. Say no to dish washer

Dishwasher buries your dishes for way too long in the water during the process of washing and this is bad for your wooden bowls. Not only would it wash off your bowl’s color, but it will also damage it.

3. Don’t leave to drain, always pat dry

Never leave your wooden salad bowls to drain because in the real sense, it is draining but the wood is absorbing all the moist and water your left in it. immediately after your mild wash, always dry your wooden bowl with a soft cloth. Don’t scrub the bowl with this cloth instead, gently pat the plate until it is dry.

4. Store your bowl in a dry place

Do not leave your wooden bowls where water or moist in general will affect it. always store your wooden bowl in a very dry compartment until you need to use again.

What Type of Best Woods for Bowls and What Type of Woods to Avoid?

You don’t want to spend a little fortune on a wooden bowl that might end up a disaster. There are many wood types out there and many turners are carving fancy bowls out of them but not all types are really good or will be durable.

You cannot go wrong when you use wooden bowls crafted from the finest acacia, cherry, olive, bamboo, maple, walnut, oak and the likes of them. they are sturdy and they come in a naturally classy finish which is one of those things you must watch out for while settling for a wooden bowl.

These woods are essentially hard woods with a very close cell formation that makes them ideal to hold substances for a longer time than softer types of wood. Using any other type of wood especially those that are soft its nature, like cedar, has been proven to be unideal and can lead to illnesses or complication. You should stay completely off them.

Aside from health-related issues, the softwood family is not known to provide the sturdiness and durability that make bowls made from hardwood the best option to ever settle for.

Benefits of Wooden Salad Bowls

The interesting thing about wooden salad bowl is the fact that they are eco-friendly and toxin free. However, not all brand tends to give you this benefit. That is why you cannot just settle for any wooden bowl you see.

This unique advantage is because most ceramic and other types of bowls contain lead in their paints and glaze which is rather released into your food as usage continues. While this effect may not be something you will realize on time, as time goes on, they may accumulate into something significant.

Also, wooden salad bowls offer you an interesting strength level that is eco-friendly. Unlike plastic or other materials that are not so eco-friendly, the wooden bowl is biodegradable. However, its strength is genuine of the kind that makes it unbreakable. This makes it ideal for children as well as for general tough uses.

Wooden bowls are also a natural décor item. They seem to add natural glamour to anywhere they are placed. No-one sees a wooden bowl and not give an envious glance at it because they are just naturally classy. No wonder most homes are embracing an all wooden dining theme, including cutlery and cups.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best wooden salad bowl for food?

Our top choice for wooden salad bowl for food or salad remains the Lipper man International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl. It is sturdy enough, classy enough and promises adequate durability
Are our wooden bowls safe? They are very safe. However, brands matter. Be Sure that the wooden bowl you are settling for is a hundred percent genuine hardwood.

How healthy are wooden bowls?

Wooden bowls are the only type of bowls that don’t pose any health hazard. This is because they are often not coated with a lead but with natural mineral oil.

How long are wooden bowls good?

They are good for a lifetime provided you follow all cleaning procedure and you wax it at least thrice in a year to seal the wooden component back.

How do you take care of wooden salad bowls?

Do not soak in water. Make sure you dry and keep in a humid free space. Also was or coat with natural mineral oil at least thrice a year

Can you pour soup in a wooden bowl?

Yes, you can but do not soak your bowl in soup for too long.

Can you put hot food in a bamboo bowl?

Yes, you can. The bamboo bowl is naturally sturdy and one hundred percent toxin-free.


We are glad to have been able to break down several unanswered questions relating to best wooden salad bowls. Choosing a wooden bowl isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. Our list of top five choices of wooden bowl is there to guide you in picking a very affordable and interesting piece of a wooden bowl.

You also cannot go wrong with our care guide which would ensure that your wooden bowl stays interestingly durable and forever classy. Just make sure you select an exotic hardwood like acacia, cherry and others we have mentioned in this article and you will never have any regret choosing a wooden salad bowl.

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