Both El Mirasol Cocina Mexicana locations feature the same great menu with a focus on regional Mexican Cuisine specialties. Lunch and Dinner are served daily at both restaurants and El Mirasol at Los Arboles offers “Almuerzo” or brunch style selections on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.



Salsa Doña Diabla – With a name derived from a legendary 1950 Mexican film starring the beautiful Maria Felix, the in-house hot sauce at El Mirasol delivers a big palate of flavors well suited to its fiery name. Doña Diabla Sauce is spicy and powerful while still retaining the deep, rich, smoky flavors of the Chiles Chipotles which are its’ main ingredient.  At El Mirasol the roots of Doña Diabla Sauce come from owner Felipe Castañeda’s family recipe. The sauce is a staple on tables at both El Mirasol locations in large, family style one liter bottles and a more traditional sized 12 oz. bottle as well. The underlying heat of the Jalapeños combined with the taste imparted in the smoke drying process enhances subtle flavors in ingredients as diverse as chips, whole beans, sautéed spinach and shrimp.

Unlisted Menu Selections – Some special offerings are available seasonally and based on the availability of ingredients. Pipian del Mar (a rich Pipian Sauce made from chiles and roasted ground Pumpkin seeds) over Shrimp and Scallops is one such dish. You won’t find Pipian del Mar, Machaca en Salsa or Chorizo con Huevo on the menu … but if the ingredients are available … we are happy to prepare them.  For more information about unlisted menu items and new dishes being developed at El Mirasol, visit the Mirasol Blog.