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Best Kitchen Stoves

A stove is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen to warm/boil water or to cook. A stove can be found independently or in combination with an oven. When the two are combined, they’re called a Range.

A stove can either be operated by burning fuel such as natural gas,  propane, or using electricity. Choosing between a gas stove and an electric stove depends on your accessibility to the required source of power.

Choosing the right kitchen stove can be overwhelming because of the many brands that are in the market. To help you narrow down the list, we dived into research and came up with a list of the best kitchen stoves in the market.

Product Title Rating Price
GE PB960SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range Check on Amazon
Samsung-NE59J7850WS Flex Duo Electric Range Check on Amazon
GE JB655SKSS Electric Range– B01EBCHPU0 Check on Amazon
Frigidaire FFEF3054TS 30 Inch Electric Freestanding Range Check on Amazon
Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove – B0006VORDY Check on Amazon

Kitchen Stove Buying Guide

  • Type – There are different types of stoves based on the source of fuel and whether or not they come in combination with an oven. Based on fuel, stoves can be gas, electric, or a combination of the two. For those without an existing gas line, it’s better and cheaper to acquire and install an electric stove. If you don’t have an oven, it would be in your best interest to purchase the oven/stove combination for versatility.
  • Size – The size of the stove you decide to purchase should fit perfectly in your kitchen. The size should also be able to accommodate your cooking appliances without any struggle. Each stove has a varying number of cooking spots, so be sure to pick the most suitable one for your needs.
  • Kitchen design – Stoves come in different finishes, including black, white, stainless steel, and several other finishes. It’s always good to choose something that blends seamlessly with your existing kitchen design.
  • Cooking uses – Different stoves are preferred/ considered for cooking different foods. Most people who love baking prefer stoves with electric ovens while most people who love cooking prefer using stoves with a gas cooktop. You can choose your stove depending on your preferred fuel or as per the intended use.
  • Safety – Some stoves are fitted with safety features such as a child lock to ensure your kid’s safety. Safety features integrated into stoves to keep you safe from the hot cooking panels should be a part of your consideration when acquiring a kitchen stove.
  • Ease of use and cleaning – Choose a model that has features (e.g. digital controls) that make it easier to utilize the stove. Stoves with self-cleaning ovens and smooth-tops are the easiest to clean.

Let’s now take a look into our top 10 best kitchen stoves.

Top Ten kitchen stoves Reviews in 2019

1. GE PB960SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

GE stoves are some of the best in the market in terms of functionality, convenience, and durability. The GE PB960SJSS is one of their top electric stoves fitted with unique features aimed at making it easy to use and maintain.

This stove features an end-to-end cooktop which is easy to use and clean. The large cooktop features five burners which create versatility when cooking. One of the five burners has a 12”/9”/6” heating capabilities to accommodate different sizes of appliances. Two of the burners can be synched to provide a larger cooking surface that can hold large cookware such as a griddle.

An integrated warming zone with different low heat settings on the cooktop allows you to keep your food warm without burning it until the rest is ready.

All the stoves/oven controls are electronic touch buttons, which makes it easy to control the range. Knobs are somewhat irritating, which makes this range perfect.

It has two independent convection ovens. This means that you can run the two ovens at the same time to cook different meals under different settings. This makes the range flexible. Convection ovens ensure even cooking by the distribution of heated air throughout the ovens. The ovens have a self-cleaning feature which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.


  • Self-cleaning dual ovens
  • Warming zone
  • Easy to operate electric touch controls

2. Samsung-NE59J7850WS Flex Duo Electric Range

Samsung is a well-known brand when it comes to kitchen appliances and other household appliances as well. The Samsung Flex Duo electric range features a warming drawer to keep your food at an optimal temperature until you can serve it. This is one rare feature that is not found in many ranges.

It features two convection ovens spilt by a removable smart divider. The ovens can be used separately to cook two meals concurrently at different temperature settings. The divider can be removed to combine the two ovens into one in case you want to cook a large meal.

The best part about this range is that the dual door design allows you to open the whole oven at once or the top part only as per your requirement. This makes it easy to maintain the lower oven’s temperature setting when you want to cook another dish using the top oven.

The cooktop features an end-to-end glass panel which is easy to clean after use. It has five elements including a 100W warming zone, two 1800W bridgeable elements, a 1200w component, and one 6″/9″/12″ 3000W element.

The triple burner allows different sizes of cooking appliances to be accommodated. The bridgeable elements provide an extra-large surface for large pans and other cooking equipment.

This range can be connected to the Samsung SmartThings App to allow you to control the temperature and set the timer remotely. However, you cannot turn on the oven via the app. This makes the range convenient to use.


  • Flex door makes it easier to cook different dishes
  • Has one oven that can be split into two independent ovens
  • App control
  • Has a warming drawer


  • The cooktop glass is prone to scratches

3. GE JB655SKSS Electric Range– B01EBCHPU0

The GE JB655SKSS range features five burners and one large convection oven. It’s fitted with a removable storage drawer for holding cookware or other kitchen accessories for easier access.

Its oven features two racks which can be placed in six different positions to accommodate any dish that you want to use in the oven. This makes it adaptable. It has a convection feature to distribute heat throughout the oven for even baking. This makes it convenient as you don’t have to keep turning the dish/pan to achieve even baking.

The oven has a self-cleaning feature which makes it easy to clean without scrubbing, making it easy to maintain.

Its cooktop has five burners including a 9”/6” 3100W power boil element, a 12”/9” 3000W dual cooking element, a 6” 80W warming element, and two 6″ 1200W elements. The power boil burner achieves high temperatures fast to quickly heat your water while allowing configuration to different sized cookware. The dual burner offers adaptability when cooking to adjust the burner size as per your cookware.


  • Convection oven
  • Has a storage drawer
  • Warming element to keep your food hot before serving


  • The black color of the cooktop surface disappears after a while

4. Frigidaire FFEF3054TS 30 Inch Electric Freestanding Range

The stainless steel Frigidaire Electric Range has some of the most flexible elements. It has five elements. One of the elements (6”/9” element) is fitted with SpaceWise Expandable technology to allow the user to change its heating power between 1400W and 3000W. This flexibility makes the element useful in either cooking or boiling water.

A warm zone fifth element lets you keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve it. It runs on low power (100W) to prevent burning or overcooking your food. This is useful when you’re done with one dish, and the others are still not ready.

It’s fitted with a storage drawer to accommodate some of your cookware or other kitchen accessories for easier accessibility when cooking.

This range has one oven fitted with two racks, which can be adjusted to five different positions. This allows you to arrange the racks as per the size of your dish.

The oven has a one-touch self-cleaning feature for easier and thorough cleaning. You can set the self-cleaning function to run for 2 or 3 hours depending on the oven’s cleaning requirements.


  • Storage drawer
  • Has a warm zone element
  • An expandable element for flexibility


  • No convection baking
  • The smooth top is prone to scratches

5. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove – B0006VORDY

Sometimes we require a simple stove for our kitchen, emergencies, or camping and other outdoor activities. The Camp Chef dual burner gas stove is one of the simplest stoves in the market.

It has two cast aluminum burners that provide up to 30,000 BTUs/Hr which is sufficient to cook and boil water. This stove’s construction is durable, considering that cast aluminum is resistant to corrosion and environmental elements.

The burners are fitted with heat-control dials to control the amount of heat emitted as per the food you’re cooking. This makes the stove adaptable to different uses.

It has removable legs, which makes it easy to carry or to store the stove. They are also adjustable to stabilize it on uneven terrain for comfy cooking. Its legs are strong to support the stove and food during use.

The Camp Chef stove has a three-sided windscreen to protect the burners’ flames from wind and to keep the heat concentrated on the food being cooked. This makes the stove useful for fast and comfortable cooking.

A regulator and three feet hose are included for easier and fast connection to your gas tank. The inclusion of these accessories makes it easier to assemble and use the stove.


  • Easily portable
  • The stove is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

6. MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System

If you love camping and other outdoor adventures, having a well-cooked meal or some hot beverage to keep you going is vital. The WindBurner Personal Stove offers you the perfect and effective way to cook even in the worst weather conditions.

It utilizes the MSR Reactor Stove System. This means that its powerful burner combines convective and radiant heating to provide a faster boiling rate while utilizing the lowest fuel possible.

The burner is well protected from environmental elements, such as wind, through its enclosed design and internal pressure regulator. This makes it possible to use the stove under harsh weather conditions.

The stove integrates everything you need to make a good meal or beverage including a 1L secure locking pot and mug to hold whatever you cook. This makes the MSR WindBurner stove system convenient.

It’s lightweight and compact for easy portability as you tackle the outdoors, which makes it efficient.


  • Works well in any weather conditions
  • Easily portable
  • All in one cookware


  • No built-in igniter system

7. Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Stove

The Camp Chef Tahoe is designed to accommodate big outdoor cooking requirements such as in camps, backyard barbecues, and other outdoor cooking requirements.

It’s integrated with three 30,000 BTUs burners to provide enough heat required to cook several meals simultaneously. The burners provide a 608 sq. Inch cooking area which is meshed to ensure every inch is well utilized.

The Tahoe burners are well protected from windy conditions by the three-sided windscreen and the housing heat box. These two work together to keep the wind away from the burners, and to concentrate it within the cooking area for efficiency and unsurpassed cooking performance.

The burners are fitted with regulators for you to adjust the heat as required. This allows you to turn the heat up to boil water and to turn it down to simmer your food. This adaptability makes the stove vital for outdoor parties and adventures.

Its cast aluminum construction ensures the stoves durability and ability to withstand environmental elements. This means that it’s suitable for prolonged outdoor use without incurring any damage.

The stove is fitted with adjustable legs to allow stabilization on rough grounds. The legs are also removable for easier mobility and storage.

It comes with a 3′ hose and regulator for quick assembly and use. This makes it convenient.


  • Can be used in windy conditions
  • Large cooking area
  • Easily portable
  • Weather-resistant and durable burners

8. BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burning Stove

The BioLite CampStove 2 integrates the simplest way to generate heat (wood) and technology to provide you with the best and advanced stove for camping and other outdoor adventures.

This stove uses wood only as fuel. Wood is burned to produce heat which is ample for cooking and boiling water. Any excess or waste heat is captured by the stove’s heat probe and converted to electricity through an integrated thermoelectric generator.

The electricity generated is used to power some of the stove’s systems. It’s also directed to a USB charging port which allows you to charge your devices. Any excess electricity generated is stored in a 2600 mAH rechargeable battery for later use.

It has an in-built fan which injects air into the combustion chamber for efficient burning of the wood to create almost smokeless flames. This also ensures a higher heat output for faster and effective cooking.

The CampStove 2 is fitted with a LED control panel which allows you to adjust fan speeds and to get a real-time display of fire strength and battery level. This makes it easy to control the heat emitted as per the immediate requirements.


  • Converts heat to electricity to charge your devices
  • Eliminates the need to carry fuel around
  • Compact for easy portability
  • Compatible with many cookware


  • Charges devices very slowly

9. Coleman Even-temp Propane Stove

This stove from Coleman is portable and designed for outdoor use. So, if you love camping and you want a propane-based stove for your adventures, try out this stove. It’s versatile and useful even in windy conditions.

It features three even-temp burners which are well aligned to ensure even distribution of heat throughout the cooktop for ideal cooking. The burners can be lit with a push of a button thanks to the integrated InstaStart ignition system. This makes it easy to use.

With this stove, one can cook up to three different meals for convenient outdoor cooking.

The stove is fitted with adjustable wind block panels to protect the flame and maintain the heat within the cooktop for consistent performance. The panels double up as side tables for efficiency.

It’s fitted with pressure control and fuel efficiency technology which maintains a steady heat in any weather condition for consistent performance. This ensures that your food cooks at the preferred temperature.


  • Has windbreakers
  • Portable
  • Even-temp technology for steady performance
  • Matchless ignition
  • Versatile


  • Hard to clean up

10. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Camp Chef provides outdoor lovers with some of the best stoves in the market to make their adventurous lives more exciting. This particular stove is well built and strong to handle heavy-duty application.

The Camp Chef Everest stove is designed to blend well in the outdoor life. It fitted with wind blockers which protect the flames and prevent major heat loss. This makes it suitable for use in windy conditions.

It has two 20,000 BTU burners which provide sufficient heat to cook your meals and boil water fast. The burners are well spaced to allow for two dishes to be cooked simultaneously. The heat produced by the burners can be regulated to fit your cooking requirements.

With the integrated Piezo igniter, you can light the burners with a push of a button. This eliminates the need to carry matchboxes around and makes the stove convenient for use.

The stove’s construction is lightweight for easy portability. It’s also fitted with a comfy carry handle which makes it simpler to carry.


  • Easy to clean drip tray
  • Matchless ignition


  • Poor low-temperature controls

Things to Consider When Acquiring a Stove

  • Stove usage – This applies to whether the stove you purchase will be used for indoor or outdoor cooking. For indoor use, you should purchase a stove that blends well with your kitchen décor, and that accommodates your day to day cooking requirements. For outdoor use, acquire a stove that is designed to withstand environmental elements while meeting your outdoor cooking/boiling water requirements.
  • Space – This applies to the space available in your kitchen to accommodate a stove. Purchase a stove that occupies minimal space or fits well into a specified location. In case you require a stove for outdoor adventures, purchase one that occupies minimal space in your car or travelling backpack.
  • Fuel type – There are basically two main types of stoves, i.e., gas and electric stoves. Choose the most convenient for you as per your cooking requirements or depending on access. For the adventurous souls, there’s also a wood-fueled stove. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to avoid carrying lots of luggage.
  • Portability – This feature should be considered by those looking to purchase a stove for outdoor activities such as backyard barbecue, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. A stove such as the MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System is lightweight and compact to carry around with ease.

How to Use Kitchen Stoves

How you use your kitchen stove depends on the features and the type of kitchen stove that you have.

For electric stoves, there are different elements on the cooktop to accommodate different uses including keeping your food warm, cooking food at different temperature settings, boiling water, cooking on a griddle, and so on. The elements run on different heat settings so one should use the most suitable one as per the intended use. Electric stoves are easy to use – place the cookware on an element and turn on the element. You can switch the size of the burner (on some elements) to fit the size of your cookware.

Gas stoves, on the other hand, have several open flame burners that provide different sizes of flames and heat output.  When using a gas stove, select the burner you want to use and place your cookware on it. Turn it on by turning its knob. Most burners have self-igniting features and should turn on immediately. If not, use a lighter to light ignite it. Adjust the knob to fit the required heat setting (the larger the flame, the more the heat output).  When you’re done cooking, turn off the burner via the control knob. Make sure you fully turn off the burner to prevent gas leak.

How to Clean a Kitchen Stove After Use/ Step by Step Guide

Whether you have an electric or gas stove, you will have to clean it every now and then. Here’s a step by step guide to clean your stove:

Gas Stove

  • Remove all the knobs, racks, gas burners, handles, and other removable parts and place them in a heavy-duty bag
  • Add one cup of ammonia (wear gloves and safety glasses) into the heavy-duty bag and seal it. Place the bag somewhere safe and away from sunlight.
  • Let the stove accessories soak for one day to allow ammonia to remove any dirt on these parts.
  • After soaking the stove parts for one day, place them in a bucket/sink filled with warm soapy water and clean each piece using a wash pad.
  • Rinse the stove parts using hot water and let them dry or hand dry them using a microfiber towel.
  • Carefully reassemble the stove parts after drying.

Electric Stove

  • Spray a degreaser on the stovetop (works for both glass and enamel stovetops)
  • Let it soak as per the recommended time (varies with the type degreaser you use)
  • Use a sponge soaked in warm water to clean any food and grease on the stovetop after the degreaser sits for the recommended time
  • Use a scraper to remove any food stuck on your stovetop (do not use sharp tools on enamel stovetops)
  • Rinse the stovetop using a dump sponge/towel and then dry it with a microfiber towel

How Does a Kitchen Stove Work?

Gas Stove: Once you connect your stove to the gas supply line, gas travels into you burner where it mixes with air in the mixer tube. As the gas-air mix gets released through the burner, it mixes with more air for better combustion. The gas-air mixture is lit through either a pilot light or an electronic ignition system. A pilot light is always on, which leads to a higher gas usage while an electronic ignition system produces a spark only when you turn the burner on.  The amount of gas released/combusted can be regulated using a burner’s knob.

Electric Stove: This is usually connected to your electricity supply line. Once you turn on an element, electricity runs through the wires into the coil and heats it up. Once the coil heats up, it turns to a bright red/orange color. You can dial the heat up or down depending on your needs. Some electric stoves utilize induction technology to cook your food through electromagnetic waves without the cooktop getting hot.

What is the difference between a stove and a range?

A range – This is a combination of a stove or cooktop and an oven. A range can be electric, gas or a combination of the two. It can have one big oven or two for more efficient cooking. It’s usually sophisticated and requires more space in your kitchen.

A stove – A stove can be used to refer to a range, which is acceptable, or to refer to the cooktop part without the oven. Technically, a stove is the cooktop part used to cook food or boil water without the oven. A stove can be gas or electric powered. It can be fitted on top of the existing cabinetry, which means that it doesn’t require much space in your kitchen. Stoves can vary in size and design depending on whether they’re for outdoor or indoor use.

Are electric stoves better than gas?

Your cooking requirements usually determine whether a gas or electric stove is best suited for your application. However, there a few other pointers that help determine the best option for you. These include:

  • Ignition – Gas stoves usually ignite and provide the required heat levels instantly. This means cooking starts on the spot. They also lose heat fast when the burner is shut off.

On the other hand, electric stoves take time to heat up to the required temperature. This causes slight delays when cooking. When shut off, they take more time to cool down, which can lead to overcooking.

  • Cleaning and maintenance – Electric stoves, especially the ones with smoothtops (glass/ ceramic tops) are easy to clean and maintain. On the contrary, gas tops are slightly hard to clean considering their cooktops have more components.
  • Safety – Electric stoves are safer although they still pose minor risks, including burns due to the slow cooling coils. On the other hand, gas stoves pose significant safety issues due to potential gas leaks, which can lead to explosions.
  • Power source – A gas stove works whether or not there is electricity in the house. This makes them versatile. An electric stove does not function during a power outage. If the power is out, you have to wait until it’s restored to use the stove.


Q:1. Are cooktops better than ranges?

No, they aren’t. The only difference between a range and a cooktop is the inclusion of an oven in a range. This means that a range is better if you’re looking to acquire a cooktop and an oven, and a cooktop is better if you don’t need an oven.

Q:2. Is kitchen stove the same as Oven?

No, the two are not the same.  A kitchen stove may refer to a cooktop only or a combination of a cooktop and an oven (range). An oven only applies to the baking/grilling appliance without the cooktop.

Q:3. Why is electric stove so expensive?

Some electric stoves are very expensive due to the incorporation of advanced technology such as induction cooking.

Q:4. How long are kitchen stoves good for?

On average, a kitchen stove can last up to 15yrs. However, the lifeline of any kitchen stove is determined by its quality, use, and maintenance. Therefore, purchase a well-built stove and maintain it as required for prolonged use.

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