5 Best Semi Custom Cabinets Review 2022

Semi Custom Cabinets

We understand how selecting new cabinets for your kitchen can be a considerable investment. It may even take up half of the budget for your kitchen renovation. Yet, there are so many other concerns, such as durability, style, and color to consider.

That’s why it is worth researching before you choose the cabinets. This ensures that you are getting the best value for money and the style you want to match for your kitchen décor.

Nevertheless, in this guide, we demonstrate the versatility of semi-custom cabinets and show you the best semi-custom cabinets you can choose.

Product Title Rating Price
Prepac Elite Home Corner Storage Cabinet Tall 1-Door, White Check on Amazon
SystemBuild Kendall 16″ Utility Storage Cabinet, Black Check on Amazon
Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet, Dakota Oak finish Check on Amazon
Prepac Shoe Storage Cabinet, 36 Pair Rack, White Check on Amazon
Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet with Doors Check on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Kitchen cabinets are a worthy investment, so you need high-quality cabinets to ensure a longer lifespan. These cabinets should possess both beauty and high durability.

However, the distinction between quality cabinets and low-end ones have faded over the years. Now, you can have a cabinet with lots of premium components and still end up with a low-quality build.

To avoid such travesty, here are the features to look for in high-quality semi kitchen cabinets.

  • Variety of Options

Everybody wants their kitchen to look unique with their own choice of style. That’s why it is best to go for a manufacturer that gives numerous options to choose from. It could be customization and selection of the colors, finishes, or style you like, so you get the exact cabinet you’ve always wanted.

  • Quality and Construction

This is obvious, yet most of us fail to tell apart a well-constructed cabinet from a shoddy one. Even if the cabinets look pretty, you need to know how they are assembled too. To differentiate them, you have to look inside to see them where it counts.

A good quality cabinet should have dovetail joints to connect the boards. It includes sturdy wood drawers with full extension guides. Considering the material, they are usually made out of solid wood or plywood panel and features hard wooden frame doors.

On the contrary, the low-quality build stems from stapled boards, integrated rails, and materials such as medium density fiberboard panel (MDF) and veneered particleboard.

  • Extra Features

Even when you have opted for a semi-custom cabinet instead of custom cabinets, you still need to consider the remodeling budget. That’s why consider spending some additional money on extra features, such as drawers that extend fully or feature close-soft hinges.

Other convenient features include charging stations, withdrawable trashcan, a spring-loaded shelf that can move back and forth for easier access.

5 Best Semi Custom Cabinets Review

You want a kitchen cabinet that is beautiful and durable enough to last a long time. Unfortunately, no matter how appealing it looks, they don’t come short of any problems. That’s why you must select cabinets that are made out of sturdy materials with well-built construction.

That way, we present you with these reviews of best semi-custom kitchen cabinets!

1. Prepac Elite Home Corner Storage Cabinet Tall 1-Door, White

The Prepac Elite Home Corner Cabinet is one of the best rated semi-custom kitchen cabinets. It would look breathtaking in any kitchen or room in your house.

Its white shade would either make it stand out or blend well into the surrounding. Not only does it give enough storage, but it is lovely to look at and easy to put together.

Firstly, the shelf is constructed from laminated nontoxic woods, making it child-safe, as well. So, you don’t risk getting harmful chemicals, getting into your food and body. The white lamination is long-lasting and matches perfectly with the white doorknob. Also, there is a wall anchor included for the perfect mount.

Second of all, this cabinet provides plenty of storage and space. It yields a storage space of a 20-inch long drawer that is ideal for storing tools.

The drawer is heavy duty with thick half-inch bottom and metal sides to roll smoothly over roller glides. It also has a European style door with six adjustable hinges, which can easily be set up to open left or right.

Thirdly, the cabinet comes unassembled, but putting it together is easy as pie since it allows greater liberty to adjust things yourself by including 3 adjustable shelves along with a single fixed one. Moreover, the cabinet base is cut to make way for baseboards. So, everything is customizable, durable, and functional.


  • Customizable and well functional
  • Plenty of space
  • European style door
  • Made from nontoxic wood


  • Parts not marked for assembly

2. SystemBuild Kendall 16″ Utility Storage Cabinet, Black

If you need extra storage, then Kendall 16” utility storage cabinet is here to save the day. And if it is an organization in the kitchen, garage, laundry room, or dining room you seek, then look no further then this cabinet.

Whether you are in a budget or have limited space, the Kendall collection of cabinets can provide you with the best storage solutions.

It comes in neutral finishes of black, white, or gray to give you all the choices to synchronize with your home décor. However, this unit is made out of particleboard and black laminated MDF. The finish is usually resistant to water as the surface can easily be wiped clean with a wet fabric.

Furthermore, it carries five shelves, with three of them being adjustable. It helps to store and organize your wares, supplies, and even pantry items. The shelf doors have soft hinges to prevent any slamming, and the adjustable feet keep your cabinet nice and even.

Interestingly, this cabinet includes additional features such as a kit for wall anchors to keep your cabinet securely in place. The adjustable feet help to balance it on uneven grounds, so you can place it anywhere in your household.


  • Kit for wall anchor
  • Adjustable feet
  • Comes in neutral colors
  • Extra storage


  • Screws might be too big to fit

3. Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet, Dakota Oak finish

If your pantry’s space is limited and needs additional storage, then Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet has you covered. It offers a clean and simple look that would fit perfectly on any wall. You would be extremely glad if you purchase this best brand of semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Assembly comes naturally with this cabinet, as it is very easy to install and put together. The parts are separately labeled and come in compartments for easy identification and assembly.

Moreover, the four shelves it includes are removable and assists in storing items such as kitchen utensils, pantry food or supplies, etc.  It even has baby locks to prevent toddlers from getting in.

Furthermore, it includes framed panel doors, making it more rigid and solid in construction. It features alterable base levelers and a surrounded back panel for easy cord access.

Also, the cabinet is fully built with engineered wood, which refers to a compound of superior quality trimmings and leftovers for added sustainability.

Meanwhile, the sleek Dakota Oak finish complements the fine construction. All of this results in your home looking neat and stylish that will leave anyone speechless.


  • Stylish and neat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Four adjustable shelves
  • Made out of eco-friendly engineered wood


  • Back panels are weak

4. Prepac Shoe Storage Cabinet, 36 Pair Rack, White

This versatile shelf provides the perfect opportunity to personalize your hallway, entryway, or workspace with a correct touch of elegance. You can fit it anywhere you like, such as a narrow entryway or merge several of them in a large hallway. And all of this comes in a bargain you can’t deny.

The shoe organizer presents 36 cubbies with each cubby having 7” x 5.25” x 11.75” dimensions, which is spacious enough to store a variety of things. For instance, you can keep your shoes, scarves, hats, keys, mail, etc. to clear out the clutter.

To say nothing about its well-built construction would be an injustice. Because it reflects super high quality, as it is made with non-toxic composite wood with a solid MDF back.

While its white veneer finish exudes sheer elegance, assembly comes easy and naturally. With this shoe cabinet, you can do complete the installation in no time flat. Although it usually requires the help of two people.


  • Easy to customize
  • 36 cubbies to store a variety of things
  • High-quality build
  • Looks elegant and premium


  • Not easy to assemble

5. Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet with Doors

The Bush Furniture Salinas Accent is the best quality semi-custom kitchen cabinets. It has the ultimate storage solution for the convenience and comfort of your own home. This unit combines uniqueness and adjustability for any space and location.

With this flawless cabinet, you can perfectly finish the look of your home, office, or hallway. The product features a two-door cabinet with spacious storage space that comes open and concealed.  Its storage cabinet holds two shelves that are behind the doors and are easily adjustable.

Also, it has a spacious top where you can put anything you wish, such as your favorite plants or photos, while the cubby shelves can be reserved for further decorations.

The design is inspired by the classic Mission style that features doors with vertical accents embedded in the wood. And the tumbled pewter is beautifully molded out of metal and helps to shut off items that you don’t want to see.

Moreover, to embody the country feel, the legs have been tapered while the base rail is coiled. You have options for three timeless finishes, such as white, gray, and black.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Classic mission style
  • Includes cubbies and spacious top
  • Elegant and luxurious


  • The white color has a beige tone


When you are shopping for cabinets, it is so easy to get swayed by their appearance that we tend to overlook its quality.

But its material, as well as assembly technique, are critical aspects to consider. The material is of such great importance because that’s what decides how long your semi-custom cabinets will last at the end.

Therefore, we made these reviews of the best semi-custom cabinets to help you decide. All of these cabinets display the premium qualities found in high-end models. But these come in a budget, and you got nothing to lose from here!

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