Best Kitchen Mop for Hardwood and Tile Floors

best kitchen floor mop

Cleaning the kitchen, at your residence, workplace, or as a professional cleaner, can be quite frustrating if you’re not utilizing the right combination of equipment. These include cleaning solutions, mop bucket and the most vital one your mop among other necessary gear.

In this article, we’re going to take you through ten best kitchen mops. All the mops in our list were selected based on their individual performance, ease of use, longevity, and many other factors that we’ll discuss within this article.

Before you dive into our top 10 list, go through our buying guide. It’ll help you in selecting the most favorable kitchen mop for your use.

Product Title Rating Price
Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Check on Amazon
Shark Steam Pocket Mop Check on Amazon
Microfiber Wholesale – Microfiber Mop Check on Amazon
Shark Genius Steam Mop Check on Amazon
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop – Floor Cleaning Kit Check on Amazon

Best Kitchen Mop Buying Guide

Handle Construction – Mop handles can be made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic. Fiberglass is the best material that can be used to make a mop handle since it balances all the features of a good mop handle. It’s lightweight, strong, and durable. The rest are economical but may get damaged if mishandled.

Versatility – The adaptability of a mop in terms if use matters. Some are only effective as wet mops while others are dry mops. If you need versatility, choose a mop that can be used as a wet and dry mop. This eliminates the need of buying two mops which is quite inconvenient.

• Mop head – There are several types of mop heads including a yarn mop, a microfiber mop, sponge mop, dust mop, and a steam mop. Each type of mop head has its own pros and cons and is suitable for different uses in the kitchen. The most preferred, however, is the microfiber based mop head. It’s more versatile, durable and efficient.

Cost of use – After purchasing the mop, will it cost you more money to utilize it? There are some mops that use washable and reusable mop pads which are cost effective as it will take you a while before purchasing another one pad. This are the most recommended if you’re looking for a cost effective mop.

On the other hand, some mops come with disposable pads. These pads require replacement after each use because they’re nit washable. Some kitchen cleaning jobs may even require several pads to complete the work effectively. This means that disposable pads are more expensive to utilize.

Extra/special features – These are the additional features that aim at making your cleaning easier and faster. For example, having a cleaner holder on your mop creates convenience. Choose a mop with extra features for a better cleaning experience.

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a mop, let’s jump into our top ten kitchen mops.

Top 10 Best  Kitchen Floor Mops

1. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell has some of the most versatile mops in the market including the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop. It combines some of great features to provide you with a powerful mop to clean your kitchen with ease.

Just as the name suggests, this is a steam mop. Steam makes it easier to eliminate the dried-on dirt around your kitchen. It also sanitizes the floor ensuring that most the microbial including germs and bacteria are eliminated. This creates a hygienic cooking environment without using any chemicals.

It has three steam settings, i.e., high, medium, and low steam settings. This allows you to select the best setting as per your kitchen floor and the condition of the floor.

It’s versatile in that it can be used to clean all hard floors including ceramic, hardwood, marble, granite, and linoleum. This makes it perfect for professionals who tackle different types of hard floors from one site to the next. It also makes it perfect for homes fitted with any hard floors in the kitchen.

Bissell PowerFresh comes with carpet glider, a microfiber scrubby pad, microfiber soft pad, and fragrance discs. Microfiber based mops are better because of their cleaning capability including high absorbance and the fact that they’re reusable. This makes the mop suitable for long term use. The other additional features, including a glider, make your cleaning easier.

• Eliminates germs and bacteria without the use of chemicals
• Its versatile
• It has a strong, durable construction
• Washable and reusable microfiber pads
• Eliminates the need of a mop bucket – it has a water pocket

• Its power cord is short (23’) for cleaning large kitchen spaces.
• It’s expensive

2. Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop is suitable for cleaning hard floors including sealed hardwood, ceramic, graphite and any other types of hard floors. All the tough dirt and grime in your kitchen will be easy to remove when using this steam mop.

It comes with two microfiber pads. This creates convenience since you can store one for replacing the one you’re using when it gets old and damaged. Microfiber pads have superior cleaning properties as they are highly absorbent and they lock in dirt which makes cleaning much easier. The pads are washable and reusable but you they should only be washed by hand.

This Shark Steam mop features an ergonomic and easy to use swivel handle. The handle provides a soft and comfy grip which makes cleaning easier. Its design makes it easy to move the mop around.

As a steam mop, it softens the dried in dirt which makes it easier to clean even the dirtiest kitchen floors. The steam produced also kills bacteria and germs which creates a more hygienic environment.

• Reusable microfiber pads
• Sanitizes your floor (Kills most germs and bacteria)
• Eliminates the need for a separate water bucket
• Easy to use

• Has quality control issues

3. Microfiber Wholesale – Microfiber Mop

Versatility and efficiency are some of the main factors that one should consider when purchasing a kitchen mop. The Wholesale Microfiber Mop is designed based mainly in these two factors for cleaning convenience.

To start with, the mop is made for cleaning any type of hard flooring including laminate, hardwood, ceramic, concrete among other floor types. This makes it versatile especially for professional cleaning services.

It has an 18” wide frame which creates a wider surface area to cover more area within a short time. The frame is constructed using ribbed aluminum material which makes it strong, durable, and suitable for heavy duty use.

The mop comes with a dust mop pad and a wet mop pad. Both pads are microfiber based which as mentioned in our buying guide is efficient for cleaning. Microfiber dust pads are positively charged which makes it easy to pick up the negatively charges dirt particles for fast and easy cleaning. The wet pad has absorbent properties and can hold lots of dirt for easier mopping. The pads are machine washable and reusable for long term use.

Its handle can be extended up to 70” which makes it perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas. The handle connects to the frame with a 360° swivel capability. This makes the mop more maneuverable to clean any place in your kitchen and other areas of your house easier.

• Extendable handle to clean hard to reach areas
• Versatile – dust and wet mop
• Machine washable pads for long term use
• Durable aluminum construction

4. Shark Genius Steam Mop

The Genius head steam mop is yet another great product by Shark. Its incorporation of advanced cleaning technology makes it suitable for everyday kitchen cleaning requirements.

The genius head mop is a steam mop. Just like most shark steam mops, it’s fitted with three different steam settings including low, medium, and high. This makes it possible to pick the right steam level for your cleaning requirements. Steam doesn’t just clean your kitchen floors; it sanitizes them to eliminate germs and bacteria to create a healthy cooking environment.

It’s steam channeling and blaster technology ensures that the released steam hits a larger area for easier cleaning.
It features a dual sided microfiber pad which has super-absorbent capabilities to ensure that they absorb all dirty liquids. The pads are designed to lift and trap solid dirt ensuring that nothing is left behind when cleaning. The pad is easy to attach and remove with the press of a button for convenience,

To ensure prolonged use and convenience, the mop pads is machine washable.
The overall design if the shark genius steam mop makes it easy to clean even the hard to reach surfaces including corners and crevices. This creates efficiency.

• Double sided pad makes cleaning easier
• Machine washable microfiber pad
• Powerful steam blaster cleaning technology for effortless cleaning
• Suitable for all hard flooring
• Lightweight

• Expensive

5. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop – Floor Cleaning Kit

Rubbermaid floor cleaning kit features dust and wet mops, two refillable water bottles and the spray mop. All these create convenience which makes cleaning your kitchen easier.

The mop is designed for use on any floor. This makes its use adaptable as it has no limitations.

It comes with microfiber dust pads, wet pads, and a built-in scrubbing pad. Microfiber dust pads features thick fibers to pick up dust and large debris which makes wet mopping easier. Wet pads are highly absorbent and because of their high quality, they make cleaning kitchen floors easier.

The built-in scrubbing pad comes in handy when you come across stubborn spots and dirt. The scrub pad is non-scratch which makes it suitable for any floor type.

The microfiber mop pads (both wet and dry) are machine washable for cleaning convenience. The reusability of these pads makes this mop durable and suitable for long term cleaning services.

Rubbermaid reveal spray mop is fitted with an ergonomic handle which provides a comfy grip for ease of use.

• Its lightweight which makes it easy to use
• Versatile as it comes with different pads for different uses
• Washable and reusable microfiber pads

• Its buttons are prone to breakage
• You’re required to run water through the lines after each cleaning to avoid blockage

6. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop With Bucket

O-Cedar mop and bucket cleaning kit is one of the most reputable cleaning equipment. Its combination of versatility, durability, and ease of use features make it a perfect mop for not only cleaning your kitchen but also the entire house.

The O-Cedar mop features a flexible and durable microfiber mop head. It can be used for both wet and dry cleaning needs. This creates convenience. The shape of the mop head makes it suitable to clean hard to reach spaces such as corners to ensure that your entire floor is left clean. Its 360° swivel capabilities also makes it suitable for cleaning hard to reach areas and under the furniture.

The microfiber mop head is suitable for cleaning all floors including hardwood and tiled floors. It can be machine washed and reused for cleaning convenience. This makes it suitable for long term everyday application.

The mop head is connected to a telescopic handle. This means that the handle can be adjustable to fit your cleaning requirements. The handle is adjustable up to 48” without mop head (51” with mop head). The handle is also ergonomic and it features a durable construction.

The O-Cedar mop bucket gives you excellent cleaning experience. It has an inbuilt foot pedal activated wringer. This allows hands-free wringing. The wringer has a splash guard which ensures that the dirty water stays inside the bucket. The bucket is fitted with a handle for portability.

• Built-in wringer
• Has a splashguard
• Telescopic handle
• Heavy-duty, machine washable, and reusable microfiber mob head

• Although the microfiber mop head is of high-quality, it’s small in size.

7. iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop

As technology continuous to evolve, even cleaning has become more advanced. This Robot Mop is a perfect example of how technology makes our cleaning requirements easier.

Its efficiency is one thing that makes it perfect for cleaning. It remembers (has iAdapt Navigation System) the room’s outline including obstacles. This enables it to clean your kitchen without bumping into furniture and other obstacles. Another thing that makes it efficient is that it enables hands-free cleaning.

The robot mop comes with dry sweeping pads, wet mop pads and damp sweeping pads. Whichever pad you attach to the robot, it automatically detects whether it’s a wet mopping, dry sweeping, or damp sweeping pad. This creates convenience. The pads are of high quality and they lift and lock dirt for optimal cleaning results.

It utilizes a precision jet spray technology and vibrating cleaning head to remove grime and stains for ideal cleaning.
The iRobot mop is suitable for all floor types including ceramic, hardwood floors, laminate, and other floor types. This makes it adaptable for all your cleaning requirements.

• Hands-free cleaning
• Cleans hard to reach places
• Its navigation technology creates efficiency
• Versatile uses – has wet and dry pads
• Long battery life
• Easy to use

• Expensive
• Uses disposable pads

8. Mopnado Spin Mop System

The Mopnado spin mop system features a mop and a bucket which makes cleaning your kitchen easier.

It comes with two microfiber mop heads and a scrub brush which makes it perfect for all kitchen cleaning requirements. The microfiber mop heads can be used for wet or dry cleaning requirements which create convenience. They’re machine washable and reusable which allow long term heavy-duty use. The scrub is perfect for breaking down any touch stains or dirt.

The mop head swivels at 180° which allows easier cleaning of hard to reach places such as under the furniture. This makes sure that no surface is left untouched.

The mop head is attached to an adjustable handle. The handle can be adjusted between 47” to 56” which creates flexibility in cleaning. The adjustability allows you to clean windows and hard to reach areas such as under your furniture.

Mopnado bucket features a stainless steel inbuilt wringer for hands free wringing. The wringer is easy to use and durable due to its heavy-duty construction. The bucket is also fitted with a built-in soap dispenser which creates convenience. It’s integrated with two large wheels and two handles which makes portability during cleaning easy.

• Hands-free wringing
• Microfiber mop heads are washable and reusable
• Adjustable handle for efficiency
• Easy to operate wringer

• The mop head may start shedding the fibers after a while

9. LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

The LINKYO mop is designed for ease of use and durability. It features a 14” mop head frame which allows you to cover a wider surface with each move for faster cleaning.

It comes with microfiber pads including two reversible mop pads and one standard mop pad. The reversible mop pads are for dry and wet cleaning needs which create convenience when cleaning.

The microfiber mop heads are machine washable and reusable which makes them suited for continuous heavy-duty use.

The mop head has 360° rotating capabilities which makes your cleaning easy as it can reach hard to reach spots for optimal cleaning.

It’s fitted with an adjustable stainless steel handle. The adjustability (up to 70”) creates flexibility when cleaning and it allows you to use the right handle height as per your height.

Its overall construction including the stainless steel handle and the metal frame plus ABS clips makes the mop durable and suitable for extended heavy-duty use.

• Adjustable handle for cleaning efficiency
• Heavy-duty and durable construction
• Comes with extra microfiber mop pads
• Mop pads are machine washable and reusable

• The handle may break if used forcefully

10. Swiffer WetJet Cleaner Starter Kit

The Swiffer starter kit features all the necessary cleaning gear that you’ll require for easier and efficient kitchen cleaning.

It comes with five disposable mop pads which have high absorbent properties. The pads are able to lock the dirt for efficient cleaning. They are easy to attach and disconnect from the frame which creates convenience when you want to switch out the pads.

The mop is suitable for cleaning finished and sealed floor types but shouldn’t be used to clean unfinished, waxed or non-sealed floors as they’re susceptible to damage by water.
It features a reinforced handle which is durable and capable of withstanding heavy-duty use. The handle has a trigger which you press to release the cleaning solution you require as per your cleaning requirements.

This cleaning kit comes with cleaning solution to help you get rid of grime and dirt in your kitchen by loosening it.
The combination of a dual nozzle spray, heavy-duty mop pads, and high-quality construction makes the mop suitable for continuous heavy-duty use including professional cleaning services.

• Lightweight and easy to use
• Good value for its overall quality
• Heavy-duty construction for prolonged use

• Disposable pads increase the cost of utilizing the mop

Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Mop for Hardwood Floors

The cost of the mop you buy should be worth the functionality and durability of the mop. In short, don’t purchase an expensive mop that doesn’t satisfy your kitchen cleaning requirements. Purchase a mop that meets your cleaning requirements and at the same time meets its value as per the cost. The cost of utilization also plays a role when purchasing a kitchen cleaning mop. For example, a mop with disposable pads is more costly to utilize than a mop with reusable mop pads.

Intended use

Different mops are meant for different uses based in the mop material and other characteristics. For example, the Swiffer wet jet is only suitable for finished floors and it’s not recommended for unsealed floors. The use of the mop is also determined by its contents. For example, a mop that comes with wet mop pads, dry sweeping pads and a scrubber has more uses than a mop that only comes with a wet mop. Purchase the right mop as per your cleaning requirements.


The durability of the overall mop is determines by the materials used to make the mop. For example, a mop consisting of stainless steel construction is more durable than other mops due to its corrosion resistance and sturdy properties.


The adaptability of a kitchen cleaning mop to different uses is essential. A mop should at least be applicable in wet and dry mopping. A mop head should also be versatile in terms of applicability to different types of floors. This is particularly important to professional cleaners who come across different types of floors every day.

Mop Head Materials

There are different materials used in making mop heads. This includes cotton, synthetic fibers, rayon, and microfiber among other materials. The most recommended material for mop heads is microfiber. This is because of its high-quality properties including superior absorbance. Purchasing a high quality mop head such as microfiber ensures easier cleaning and durability of the mop.

How To Use a kitchen mop?

This is determined by the type of kitchen mop. In this article, we have reviewed different types of mops to allow you to select the one that is easiest to use for you. Yarn mops are the most common and it’s usually moved in circular motions on the floor. For microfiber mops, the frame is wide (some are 18” wide) which allows for push motion. For microfiber mops fitted with spray jets or steam technology, press the steam release button to spray the surface you want to clean and then pass the mop on the sprayed area.

Of your mop is a dust mop, use it for sweeping loose debris. If you have a wet mop, use it for cleaning swept surfaces. If you mop has a scrub part, use that part to disintegrated stuck particles and stains. If you have a tarn mop, it requires a bucket to utilize. The bucket is used to hold the cleaning water and the dirty water after wringing. In short, the type of mop determines how you utilize it.

How to Clean Kitchen Pop after Using/ Step By Step Guide

Your kitchen helps you maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen and the entire household. However, your mop also requires to be cleaned when it gets dirty. Here are a few cleaning methods depending on mop types:

A wet mop: A mop head should be cleaned after every use. Simply rinse the mop head using hot water until the water runs clean. Wring the mop head completely and then allow the mop head to dry a well-aerated area or the outdoors. After every few uses (3 to 4 uses) a mob head should be sanitized. This can also be done if you notice a weird smell coming from your mop. You can utilize hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or bleach to sanitize your mop. Let you mop sit for about 15 minutes before wringing it. Let it dry in a well ventilates place or the outdoor. Note that bleach should not be used on sponged or synthetic mops. Instead of cleaning it with hands, some detachable microfiber heads can be machine washed for easier maintenance.

A dry mop: The easier way to clean a dust mop is by shaking it after every use. Always shake the mop in a well-aerated area or outdoors. A dry mop can also be vacuum cleaned after every few uses to remove any dust on your dry mop. A dry mop can also be cleaned by machine washing or hand washing it. This is usually based on the type of material in that some mops can be machine washed while some can’t be. Use a dry cloth to clean the rest of the mop’s surface.

A steam mop: most steam mops are fitted with removable, machine washable and reusable pads. This allows long term use. Clean up the reservoir by emptying it and wiping it using a damp cloth or rag. Use a dry cloth to wipe the rest of the mop’s surface after use.

Note: always let your mop dry completely before storing it.

How Do Kitchen Mop Work?

A dry mop: A dry mop works by lifting and locking dirt and dust particles from your kitchen’s floor. This can be done as a step before wet mopping to make cleaning easier.

A wet mop: A wet mop requires water to break down dirt and grime from the kitchen floor. After the dirt has been broken down, the mop pad picks it up and absorbs all the dirty liquids from the floor.

A steam mop: As team mop, just as the name suggests, uses steam to break down tough dirt. The dirt is then picked up by the mop pad which also dries up the floor. Steam mops break the most notorious dirt with ease.

What’s The Difference Between Steam Mop and a Steam Vacuum Cleaner?

Steam vacuums are typically vacuum cleaners with steam functions. They are also bulkier than regular vacuums which means that they require more storage room. Steam vacuum cleaners are used to clean up carpets rather than just picking up the loose dirt. They splash steam on the carpet which breaks down dirt and vacuums the dirt and the water used to break it down. On the other hand, a steam mop is used to clean hardwood floors. It is basically a wet mop with additional steam operations. It sprays steam on the hard floor to breakdown dirt which it then picks up with the wet mop.

Vacuum steam doesn’t use a wet mop to pick up dirt unlike a steam mop. A steam vacuum can be used on all floors, carpets, and upholstery. The good thing with a steam vacuum is that you dint have to sweep after use.

However, a steam vacuum is bulkier to use compared to a steam mop. A steam mop, although it can only clean floors, it’s lighter to use compared to a steam vacuum. You’re also required to sweep the floor or vacuum it to pick up large dirt debris unlike a steam vacuum.


Q1. Is kitchen mop better?

Yes. A high-quality kitchen mop is better compared to other traditional kitchen cleaning methods. It makes cleaning your kitchen floor more efficient.

Q2. How long are kitchen mop good for?

The durability of a kitchen mop is determined by its overall quality, usage, and maintenance. The better its quality and upkeep, the longer the kitchen mop will last.

Q3. What is the best mop to use?

The best mop to use depends on your kitchen cleaning requirements. It’s better to purchase a versatile mop since one can use it to carry out different cleaning requirements. A mop with wet, dry, and scrubbing mop pads is more recommended than a mop with only a dry or wet mop pad.

Q4. Is it better to use a mop or Swiffer?

The choice between using a Swiffer or a mop depends on your kitchen cleaning requirements. A Swiffer is suited for smaller kitchen floor messes while a mop is better for deep kitchen cleaning requirements. Choose the right one as per cleaning requirements.

Final word

Cleaning your kitchen goes beyond a simple sweep or wet mopping. It requires the right combination of cleaning equipment to ensure that your entire kitchen floor is cleaned without leaving grime and debris all over the floor. The best way to do that is by choosing the right mop for the job. In our top ten best kitchen mops, we have integrated different types of top mops for different kitchen cleaning requirements. This is aimed at helping you select the best mop as per your needs and preference.
We hope that our list has helped you narrow down your search and that you find the best kitchen mop from our carefully selected products.

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