thumb overcook

We love flan. But cooking flan is kind of a tight wire balancing act. Get the heat just right and the end result is a creamy, rich dessert that can be finished off with a variety of flavors like coffee, Amaretto and berries. Cook it just a few minutes too long or too hot, and the texture takes on a slightly lumpy mouth feel and what should be a smooth glossy finish starts looking mottled and uneven. The flavor is still good … but it’s just not quite right. Occasionally we get uneven steaming on a batch of flan here at El Mirasol. Here is a photo of one of our mistakes. Of course these overcooked flan never get served to guests. It is certainly not traditional marketing best practice to post a photo of one of our cooking mistakes on the blog designed to “promote” the restaurant. But for those of you who love the flan at El Mirasol, we thought you might want to know that the cost of really good flan is an occasional batch that doesn’t pass final inspection.

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